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Beyond The Immediate: How Can Grocers Sustain Growth and Improve Profitability With Online Business

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Thursday, September 17, 2020
2:00 pm PST / 5:00 pm EST

Grocery retailers have seen manifold eCommerce growth in Q2 2020. For some, online ordering now accounts for between 10% - 20% of sales, having seen a surge in orders fulfilled by stores (including BOPIS, curbside pick-up and home delivery).

In this exclusive Digital Roundtable, we will discuss the strategic, business process and technology ramifications of the hyper-growth grocers have experienced in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic.

We will focus on three important questions all grocers are grappling with:

  • With store-based fulfillment (BOPIS, curbside, delivery) now table-stakes, what's the path to profitability? How do grocers improve their processes and technology to support these new shopping and delivery methods? What pragmatic investments do they need to make?
  • How can grocers implement a customer-centric business operating model that enables seamless operations across channels / touchpoints? Most companies say personalization is critical to their business, yet only 40% of customers say they receive personalized experiences. Personalizing marketing efforts help boost customer value and average order sizes. Are you leveraging AI to understand and predict customer needs?
  • How can you transform your contact center into a proactive force to resolve problems faster and improve both the agent and customer experience? COVID-19 has increased volumes at Retail Call Centers by 500% and more. As a result, grocers are often not meeting customer expectations in addition to increased Call Center cost. How can we empower the contact center to handle huge call volume spikes, promote product sales, and improve average order sizes?

Why Join.

Incisiv's Digital Roundtables foster the sort of community, conversation and candor typically found on the sidelines of industry events and conferences.

Each Digital Roundtable is a private, invite-only video conference with a thoughtfully curated group of industry peers with shared challenges and priorities.


Peer-to-Peer Collaboration.

Gain timely, invaluable peer insights on relevant themes and topics.


Straight Talk.

Trusted, private collaboration with your peers address the key topics most relevant to the group.


Cross-Industry Learning.

Avoid tunnel vision with perspective from your peers with similar challenges in adjacent industries.


Topical Fluidity.

Our topic will be fluid and quickly hone in on what is most important to the group and their business as a priority to address.

What to Expect.

Incisiv's Omnichannel Leaders' Digital Roundtables are designed for senior business and IT leaders at retail enterprises.

Given the current environment, the roundtables will focus on fostering peer-to-peer dialogue on what is top-of-mind for the participating group.

video ready


Be video-ready. Roundtables are hosted as private video conferences on Microsoft Teams.


Share Perspective.

Roundtables are most valuable when you share as openly as your peers (while being sensitive to competitive considerations).


Bring a Question, or Two.

Is there something you'd like the group's input on? Bring a challenge or question for the group.

Grab a Drink

Grab a Drink.

Serious insight doesn't mean we need a stuffy setting. Incisiv's roundtables are informal and fun. Bring your favorite cocktail. We will!