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(Re)Building Customer Experiences for the Next-Normal

In partnership withIBM, Logo
Thu, August 20, 2020
1:00 pm EST

Forced social distancing has unlocked a new growth phase for eCommerce, and as the economy re-opens digital transformation will further accelerate. This rapid acceleration has created its own set of challenges for retailers and brands.

In this exclusive Digital Roundtable, we will discuss the strategic, business process and technology ramifications of three key factors driving the customer experience of tomorrow.

  • Re-architecting processes and experiences to support new customer journeys:
    For instance, how do you redesign your commerce experience to begin with a delivery or pickup window?
  • Extending digital experiences to physical environments swiftly and safely:
    How do customer experiences such as BOPIS, in-store self-service, or even your mobile app, evolve quickly to changing guidelines around social distancing?
  • Delivering a consistent experience across an extended partnership ecosystem:
    How do you “own” the customer experience (and data) in an increasingly extended value chain that includes third-parties such as payments, last-mile delivery and marketplaces?

Why Join.

Incisiv's Digital Roundtables foster the sort of community, conversation and candor typically found on the sidelines of industry events and conferences.

Each Digital Roundtable is a private, invite-only video conference with a thoughtfully curated group of industry peers with shared challenges and priorities.


Peer-to-Peer Collaboration.

Gain timely, invaluable peer insights on relevant themes and topics.


Straight Talk.

Trusted, private collaboration with your peers address the key topics most relevant to the group.


Cross-Industry Learning.

Avoid tunnel vision with perspective from your peers with similar challenges in adjacent industries.


Topical Fluidity.

Our topic will be fluid and quickly hone in on what is most important to the group and their business as a priority to address.

What to Expect.

Incisiv's Omnichannel Leaders' Digital Roundtables are designed for senior business and IT leaders at retail enterprises.

Given the current environment, the roundtables will focus on fostering peer-to-peer dialogue on what is top-of-mind for the participating group.

video ready


Be video-ready. Roundtables are hosted as private video conferences on Microsoft Teams.


Share Perspective.

Roundtables are most valuable when you share as openly as your peers (while being sensitive to competitive considerations).


Bring a Question, or Two.

Is there something you'd like the group's input on? Bring a challenge or question for the group.

Grab a Cuppa

Grab a Cuppa.

Serious insight doesn't mean we need a stuffy setting. Incisiv's roundtables are informal and fun. Feel free to bring your favorite beverage, or even use this time to grab a bite.