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Incisiv’s 1st annual Grocery Digital Benchmark Report profiles the top 80 grocery chains in the US and Europe and explores the correlation between digital maturity and financial performance. It also helps grocers identify which digital capabilities are table stakes and can differentiate them from their competition.

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Q4, 2019

Table of Contents.

This is an executive summary report based on Incisiv’s analysis of the digital presence of leading grocery and food banners.


grocery retailers / banners in US and Europe analyzed.


digital attributes studied for each banner.


data points from Incisiv’s industry data pool.

Unless otherwise specified, all data cited in this report is from Incisiv’s 2019 Digital Maturity Grocery Report.

We are in a retail renaissance.

Both digital upstarts and incumbent retailers are re-imagining stores as hubs of experience, convenience and service.


Immerse shoppers in the brand, and engage and delight them to convert brand loyalty into brand love. Shoppers seek:

  • Authenticity of brand storytelling
  • Immersive experiences that entertain
  • The richness of digital in brick and mortar
  • Stores that fit increasingly urban lifestyles

1 in 2

retailers say they primarily value stores as drivers of brand value.


Compete more effectively against convenience leaders such as Amazon by using stores to:

  • Improve online order fulfillment speed
  • Offer new fulfillment options to shoppers
  • Ensure online to offline experience continuity
  • Reduce friction from payment and checkout


of retailers will increase the number of online orders their stores fulfill.


Go beyond a transactional relationship to better serve shoppers’ pre and post purchase journey through:

  • Timely, empathetic assistance
  • Personalized fit and style advice
  • Relevant value-added services
  • In-store self-service options

4 in 5

retailers plan to improve or increase in-store services in 2020.

Apparel and specialty retailers are experimenting with, and scaling, five unique store formats that deliver a combination of experience, convenience and service. These store formats are reshaping the future of brick and mortar retail.


Digital Grocery Outlook: Poised for Explosive Growth.

Not only is digital ordering and engagement a multi billion dollar growth opportunity, it’s fast becoming a base shopper expectation that grocers need to meet.


Digital Grocery Maturity: Fundamentals Need an Upgrade.

Firms with a higher digital maturity have outperformed their peers, yet overall maturity in the segment remains low. While a few of the leaders are on par with other segments in terms of digital maturity, the majority of grocers have yet to execute on digital commerce basics.


2019 Leaderboard.

Ranking the Top 75 grocers in US and Europe based on the digital performance of their website. The performance analysis covers four stages of the shopper journey, Product Discovery, Ease Of Ordering, Fulfillment Options and Customer Support. Grocery Digital Maturity Benchmark: US and Europe Grocery Retail 201