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The 4 Pillars of Resilient Supply Chains.

Limited product visibility, uncertain demand and lack of product availability are stress-testing the global supply chain. With business-as-usual no longer an option, leaders must focus on building a resilient supply chain to ensure sustained growth.

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Q3, 2020

Brave New World: There is no more “business as usual” for supply chain teams.

The current pandemic has abruptly and radically changed the way we work and live our lives. As online demand has surged in an unpredictable landscape, global supply chains have faced unprecedented pressures. Supply chain executives must adapt their operational processes for this new environment.

75 percentof all organizations reported supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The pandemic has intensified the challenges faced by supply chain leaders and their teams.

Limited product visibility.

Supply chain visibility has become table stakes as the demand for new omnichannel fulfillment models such as BOPIS and curbside are being rolled out across all retail segments.

Volatile product demand.

Retailers report 70-80% of products seeing major demand fluctuation in the current landscape. While essential categories have seen exponential growth, discretionary spending saw all time lows.

Limited product availability.

The effect of the pandemic across different regions at different times has dramatically disrupted retailers’ supply chains globally. Two in three suppliers are still not functioning at full capacity.


of consumers would consider shopping from a different brand if their grocery store doesn't provide same-day delivery or curbside pickup.


increase in online grocery sales as compared to Q1’19.


of all supply chain executives plan to find alternate and additional sourcing options in reaction to COVID-19.