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Online Ordering in Grocery

State of the Industry Benchmark

Q3, 2019

Online ordering is a double-edged sword for grocery retailers. It offers revenue growth and increased competitiveness while putting further pressure on grocers’ wafer-thin margins.

Grocers must turn one-time online orders into loyal customers, and reduce the cost of operations - by improving real-time inventory visibility, empowering store associates and enhancing partner collaboration. They must prioritize technology investments accordingly: re-architecting IT to be agile (cloud-native and API-first), using insights to improve decision making and automation to transform operations.

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Q3, 2019

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Table of Contents.

This is an executive summary report based on Incisiv’s State of the Industry Benchmark study focused on online ordering in grocery, commissioned by AT&T.


respondents via a quantitative survey.


qualitative interviews.


data points from Incisiv’s industry data pool.

Unless otherwise specified, all data cited in this report is from Incisiv’s “State of the Industry Benchmark: Online Ordering in Grocery” study.

Chapter 1

Digital Drives Growth & Competitiveness

Online ordering is the next battleground for growth and customer relevance in the grocery industry. Online ordering is helping drive topline growth and improve competitive positioning for grocers.

Chapter 2

The Digital Grocery Business Case

The margin per order for online grocery leaves little room for error, so the business case is built on generating value (attachment) beyond the original order and reducing cost of operations.

Chapter 3

The 4 Imperatives for Digital Grocery Success

Real-time inventory visibility, empowered store associates and improved partner collaboration are key business capabilities for success in online grocery. And, the role of technology is to enable these through agility, intelligence and automation.

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