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Digital Maturity Benchmark

Restaurant Industry 2022

Incisiv's 2022 Digital Maturity Benchmark assesses top restaurants' digital channel experience and capabilities across 4 key areas.

Research and discovery

Research & Discovery

Availability of information at the crucial decision points

42 attributes

Digital ordering

Digital Ordering

Order personalization, inventory visibility, payment options, tracking and delivery experience

33 attributes

Frictionless Fulfillment

Frictionless Fulfillment

Availability, speed, convenience and experience of fulfillment

14 attributes

360 degree service

360-Degree Service

Resolution, returns and customer assistance, post purchase

45 attributes

Restaurant Operators rated as leaders in digital shopping experience

To view the complete list, download Incisiv’s 2022 Digital Maturity Benchmark report. The eBook includes top restaurant operators ranked by digital channel experience and capabilities across 4 key areas (research & discovery, digital ordering, frictionless fulfillment, and 360-degree service).

This is an executive summary report based on Incisiv’s analysis of the digital presence of leading Limited Service Restaurants.


Limited Service Restaurant Chains in US and Canada.


digital attributes studied for each banner.

20 million

data points from Incisiv’s industry data pool.

8 million

data points from Q3 2020 Consumer Survey.

Digital transformation across industries is being hampered by lack of speed in the development and implementation of technology.

Why have digital transformation efforts not yielded full benefits for businesses across industries?

Chapter 1

The Digital Limited Service Restaurant Outlook: The Year of Irrevocable Inflection

2020 has become the year of inflection in the online restaurant space for Limited Service Restaurants (LSR). Adoption of digital is expected to triple this year and the market share is set to grow to close to 50% of total LSR revenue by 2025 (approx. 70% higher than pre-COVID projections). Success in the segment is predicated on investment in the right technologies, adapting the operating model and processes to meet customer expectations across in-dining, take-out and delivery.

Chapter 2

Digital Limited Service Restaurant Maturity: The Right Investments Will be the Game Changer

Most restaurant chains are making investments but not necessarily addressing the highest priorities nor the solutions that will deliver the best maximum ROI across diverse customer expectations. Chains with a higher digital maturity on Incisiv’s maturity scale have outperformed their peers and managed the COVID crisis more effectively. However, the overall digital maturity in the LSR/ QSR segment remains low and lags digital maturity of other consumer business like retail, travel, transportation and hospitality (hotels).

Chapter 3

2020 Leaderboard

Ranking of the Top 52 limited service restaurant chains in US and Canada based on the performance of their digital channel (Mobile application and for some, website). The performance analysis covers four stages of the shopper journey: Research and Discovery, Digital Ordering, Fulfilment, and Customer Service.

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