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An Incisiv webinar

Shopper Loyalty in the Digital Age. Hard to Win, Easy to Lose.

In partnership with Loyal Guru FMI

Incisiv’s webinars offer plain-speak perspectives from industry experts and practitioners. Presented as a live “fireside chat”, the webinars offer a rare opportunity to learn from the successes and challenges of your peers.

Featured Speakers

Stef Cervantes

Stef Cervantes

Head of Marketing

Loyal Guru

Steve Markenson

Steve Markenson

Vice President, Research & Insights


Gaurav Pant

Gaurav Pant

Chief Insights Officer


Wednesday, March 29, 2023 | 12 pm ET

Shoppers still value the immediacy, speed and convenience stores offer, but they must feel safe doing so.


of shoppers miss the instant gratification of store purchases.

Speed of checkout

of an in-store purchase is the most important factor for shoppers behind safety.

For 88%

of shoppers, same day need of product is the top motivation for visiting stores.


plan to increase in-store shopping over the next 6 months.

Returning an item

to the store is the 2nd biggest motivator for future store visits (behind same-day need).

Speed of pick-up

of a BOPIS or curbside order is "very important" for 84% of shoppers.

Incisiv, Logo
In partnership with IBM, Incisiv, Webinar

Incisiv, Logo

An Incisiv Webinar

From Curbside to Returns Optimization:

How Customer Experience Leaders are Accelerating Omnichannel Transformation

In partnership with IBM

Thursday, July 30, 2020
9 am PST / 12 pm EST

Incisiv’s webinars offer plain-speak perspectives from industry experts and practitioners. Presented as a live “fireside chat”, the webinars offer a rare opportunity to learn from the successes and challenges of your peers. The speakers include:

Featured Speakers

Jane Lilley

Jane Lilley

Senior Vice President - IT Solution Delivery, Digital & E-Commerce

Signet Jewelers

Varadheesh Chennakrishnan

Varadheesh Chennakrishnan

Chief Information Officer | Information Technology | Supply Chain & Logistics

JOANN Stores

Kevin Reese

Kevin Reese

Market Leader, Consumer & Travel

IBM Sterling

Gaurav Pant

Gaurav Pant

Chief Insights Officer


In today's digital age, winning and retaining customer loyalty has become a significant challenge for grocers. 74% of grocers believe that the rise of digital shopping has made shoppers less loyal, which has hurt their ability to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with shoppers.

Join us to learn more about the state of shopper loyalty in Grocery from recent research by Incisiv, conducted in collaboration with FMI—The Food Industry Association in partnership with Loyal Guru.

Key Highlights:

  • 71% of grocers say that improving shopper loyalty is a C-level priority in 2023.
  • 88% of grocers believe a poor third party experience negatively impacts shopper loyalty.
  • 76% of grocers believe a poor web and mobile experience negatively impacts shopper loyalty.
  • 85% of grocers state that poor technology is a challenge in transforming their loyalty program.

In this conversational webinar, Incisiv, FMI and Loyal Guru will discuss the findings of the study and dig deep into areas of grocery loyalty and the digital experience. Join us as we discuss:

  • How has digital adoption changed shopper loyalty.
  • What do shoppers want in grocery loyalty programs.
  • What capabilities do grocers need to improve their loyalty execution.
  • What are the top challenges facing grocers in loyalty execution.

Featured Speakers

Doug Brochu

Doug Brochu


Bridge Solutions Group Inc

Dave Weinand

Dave Weinand

Chief Customer Officer


Who Should Join

Incisiv's Digital Roundtables foster the sort of community, conversation and candor typically found on the sidelines of industry events and conferences.

Each Digital Roundtable is a private, invite-only video conference with a thoughtfully curated group of industry peers with shared challenges and priorities.


Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Gain timely, invaluable peer insights on relevant themes and topics.


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Trusted, private collaboration with your peers address the key topics most relevant to the group.


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Avoid tunnel vision with perspective from your peers with similar challenges in adjacent industries.


Topical Fluidity

Our topic will be fluid and quickly hone in on what is most important to the group and their business as a priority to address.

Join us if these challenges or scenarios resonate, if you are re-imagining your customer experience for the next-normal, or if you are exploring order management solutions to help you be more innovative, agile and profitable.