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Apparel Digital Maturity Benchmark, 2020

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Apparel benchmark categories & formats benchmarked.

research and development

Research and discovery

ease of ordering

Online Ordering



customer engagement

Customer Engagement & Service

Formats benchmarked

Department store

Large shopping stores that offer a wide range of consumer goods in the same building under centralised control.

Discount retailer

Stores that sell products at a lower price (discounts) than the regular retail price.


Brands that specialize in selling footwear, often focused on a specific use case.

General apparel

Brands that specialize in selling apparel, often focused on a specific use case like occasions or usage.

Luxury fashion

Brands that are characterized by a high level of price, quality, aesthetics and exclusivity.

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To view the complete top 102, download Incisiv’s Apparel Digital Maturity Benchmark, 2020. The eBook also includes top apparel retailer ranks by user journey stage (e.g. Discovery, ordering, fulfillment etc.)

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