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Sat, April 01, '2017

Hello World

An exciting new insights provider for consumer industries is born, and says its first words.

Hello world

As enterprises– from retail to consumer products, restaurants to banking, lodging to transportation – contend with and respond to the forces that are re-shaping their industries, a universal truth emerges: whatever flavor-of-the-month buzzword best describes the fundamental change their business must go through, there is no silver bullet solution, no overnight success story, no quick-fixes, no ready-reckoners.

The collapsing window of business model disruption underscores the need for constant observation, quick action and a fail-fast, fail-cheap mentality. Instead, it is confused with the need for an absolutist, one-size-fits-all approach.

This absolutism seems to be further fuelled by the economy that emerges around such buzzwords (e.g. omnichannel, Unified Commerce, Big Data, Internet of Things) – of vendors who hitch their wagons to these constructs, of executives who redefine professional success through the lens of buzzworthy initiatives, of analysts that create ecosystems and rate the very vendors that pay to participate in these ecosystems, and of commentators that attract eyeballs and monetize that interest via content and media.

All of this serves to distract from a simple reality – long-term business success - across industries - is based on building trust and an emotional bond with customers by offering differentiated value, and in turn generating a profit for shareholders.

We formed Incisiv with the intent of sidestepping the virtuous cycle of the buzzword economy by offering fact-based, practical insights to help enterprises in consumer industries respond to the changes afoot in their business with greater clarity and alignment with their growth goals through insights that help:

  • Build a more robust business case for investment by base lining the potential business value (or opportunity cost) of their transformation strategies
  • Understand the true impact of their investments by benchmarking the value of specific business and technology initiatives through a more holistic lens of overall business and customer impact
  • Navigate business and technology hype cycles by clearly understanding the value (or lack thereof) in the context of their business and growth goals
  • Increase viability of transformation initiatives (and their overall business) by focusing on operational profitability

As with any grand vision, we’ll start small. Over the course of the next few weeks and months, follow-us for sharp commentary and insights on very specific issues related to the impact and profitability of digital transformation in your industry. Or, test your knowledge of the week’s most pertinent digital happenings by taking our weekly quiz, if you’re into that sort of thing.

We, on the other hand, will work on the next chapter of the grand vision - one that involves creating robust sets of industry benchmarking insights, building the most engaged community of industry executives and adequately satiating our first-world mid-life identity crisis as wannabe gamers.

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